The German Championship MTB Marathon

The German Championship MTB Marathon was extended on the long-distance. The day before, it poured out of all the buckets and the route softened..

It didn't stop raining until the start on Sunday at 9 o'clock. But now the humidity came for the drivers from below. Also the stones of the Alb were quite smooth due to the dampness and made the driver a dive-free passage. Some passages were not mobile even for the professionals. The tires sat up with mud and turned on the muddy trails without worrying about propulsion.
Ralf Kropp from the Mi-Tech / Rohloff Team occupies a very good 13 place in the Master 2/3/4

Conclusion of Ralf Kropp: One says yes "New brooms sweep better". This is quite true for my new bike. The elegant carbon frame from Mi-Tech is not only an eye-catcher but also in a class of its own. The suspension fork of german: A. swallows everything bravely and also impresses with its low weight. The Tune components also contribute to the super total weight.

The road conditions have played me into the cards, because who rode a Rohloff was clearly in the advantage and need not worry about its circuit. There were some failures.

Too bad that there was no separate rating for the Master 3, because all placed in front of me came from the Master 2 rating. ;-(
i. A. Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Kropp

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